Ukrainian Cheremosh Society

The Ukrainian Cheremosh Society, through its training and educational programs, strives to cultivate dancers of the highest calibre. It is the hope and intention of the Ukrainian Cheremosh Society to encourage all of our dancers to embrace the complexity, beauty and art that is Ukrainian dance and through their own creativity, dedication and commitment utilize this educational opportunity to its fullest.


To remain a unique, vibrant, and recognizable Edmonton-based dance organization that continues to play an integral part in preserving Ukrainian culture.


To promote an exceptional level of traditional Ukrainian dance by providing a healthy, positive and well-structured environment for the development of novice to semi-professional dancers. To foster pride, commitment and mutual respect among our members, past and present.


  • Commitment to excellence in Ukrainian dance
  • High level of dance and dance instruction
  • Staging of a unique and quality product
  • Promotion of Ukrainian culture through performance of traditional Ukrainian dance
  • Development and growth of young dancers
  • Mutual respect and support for each of the dance groups that comprise the Society
  • Promotion of dance enjoyment
  • Involvement in the local community while becoming increasingly recognized nationally and internationally
  • Acknowledgement of the skills and talents of members who belong to the Society
  • Dedicated volunteers and sponsors who donate their time, talent, energy and resources for the betterment of the Society
  • Strong alumni and past member support from those who have helped lay the foundation for the Society