Haley Kostyshen Instructor - Riverbend and Beverly Recreational

Haley’s passion for Ukrainian dance began at the young age of three when she started dance at St. Basil’s Sadok. Since then Haley’s passion for dance continued to grow not only in Ukrainian but Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary. Haley’s dance experience was readily advanced through the Dance Intensive Program at Louis St. Laurent High School. Haley joined Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Society in 2012, dancing in Cheremyshna for two years until she fulfilled her life long dream of becoming a Cheremosh Dancer like her parents.  While dancing with Cheremyshna Haley had the opportunity to tour to Vancouver and Rochester. Since becoming apart of Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Company Haley has toured to Dauphin, Rochester, Philadelphia and New York City. Haley is currently a student at the University of Alberta studying Commerce.