Tour Over Vacation Any Day

Surprisingly, the fact that I would soon be traveling abroad with Cheremosh did not hit me until we were at the airport; and I would be traveling to Bulgaria of all places! The overall tour experience has been extremely fun and eye-opening. From my very first years in the School of Dance, I had always dreamed of a tour with Cheremosh. Seeing the country alone has been beautiful and interesting. The first city we saw in Bulgaria, Sofia, provided incredible architecture and very interesting people. Aside from the sites and the thrill of a European experience, the group, I believe, has come closer to that of the family we have always strived to achieve. The room assignments have lead me to get to know my fellow dancers even better than before. You never really know someone until you have lived with them in Bulgaria! Apart from the rooms, the group activities and the free days have allowed the age gaps within the group to become blurred and for everyone to get a chance to converse and interact. As exciting as our current situation is, I cannot wait to return to practice and build upon the relationships Cheremosh, as a whole, has built here in Bulgaria. Over my first tour with Cheremosh, I have learned it is the small things that give you the biggest shivers. Simply answering “Canada” when people ask where we are from gives a sense of a pride that I have never felt before. Although the competition was not what we had expected, the thrill from the audience will make this tour one of my most memorable dance experiences. Practising almost everyday, the other younger dancers including myself have learned the true meaning of a tour, that it is not a vacation, it is all for the dance. It takes a Cheremosh dancer to choose tour over vacation :)