Cheremshyna (ages 14+)

As the senior performing ensemble in the Cheremosh School of Dance, Cheremshyna is comprised of dancers aged approximately 14 and up. Under the direction of Mykola Kanevets, Cheremshyna dancers have developed a prominent place in the Ukrainian dance community, delighting audiences with a skill and professionalism far beyond that often expected of a junior group. The level of instruction that the dancers receive challenges them to the highest level of excellence and discipline; many dancers make the transition from a dancer to a high level performer in this ensemble.

Cheremshyna dancers spend six hours per week in rehearsal. To the dancers, Cheremshyna is a sense of pride and an exciting time in the development of their dance technique and artistry. To Cheremosh, Cheremshyna is a promise of the future. For dancers wishing to join the Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Company, Cheremshyna is a perfect place to start.

Cheremshyna performs at many public festivals, events, private functions, Society events and most summers they go on a 5-10 day tour. Their summer tours have taken them to places such as Banff, AB; Penticton, BC; Winnipeg, MB; and as far as Aberdeen, Scotland.


Mondays and Thursdays, 6:30pm – 9:30pm
North Beverly Studio