School of Dance Receive Top Marks at Pavlychenko Dance Showcase

Congratulations to Chumak II and Cheremshyna on their success at the Pavlychenko Dance Festival in Saskatoon April 10-12, 2014. Eleven dances were entered into the festival and we received TEN GOLD medals and ONE SILVER medal!

Other Highlights:
1) Cheremshyna “Vesnianyi Kozachok”
– Highest mark Small Group Center Ukraine

2) Cheremshyna ” Transcapathian Chardash”
– Highest mark -Any Age Small Group Karpaty

3) Cheremshyna “Hopak”
– Highest mark- Any Age Medium Group
– Highest mark- 15 years and over Large Group

4) Chumak II “Hopak”
-Highest mark Large Group -14 years and under

Also a huge thank you to the Pavlychenko Dance Festival for putting on a wonderful Festival !