Reflection on the win

Yesterday we did our last show and I now have a chance to look back on the tour as a whole. This tour has been an experience that I would never trade for anything. To be able to arrive in a country and be able to put smiles on the audience’s faces has made the work leading to this tour worth it. To share the passion for dance that we all have with each other and with the audience has been a gift. Dancing in Bulgaria has helped me to see where all the time, sweat, and sore feet have gone. It has showed me that our passion is a gift that we must share.

Yesterday we were given the award for the top performing group. It felt great to be recognized for the work that we have done. As I look back I am forced to see all of our successes and failures. I realize that if it were not for all of the costume work by Debbie, the ripped pants would not be able to be used and the costumes would never be ready to put on stage. I realize that if not for the senior dancers who push me and inspire me to improve, I would not be able to show the audience my passion for Ukrainian dance. I have also realized that if not for Mykola we would not be able to go on stage and show true Ukrainian dance regardless of injury or illness. He is prepared for an
Written by Marcusything and has solutions for problems that don’t even exist yet. The award that we received is a testament to all the work that these people have done. It is thanks to everyone that we are able to look back and remember the energy, the emotion, the passion that is – Cheremosh.