Razom: A Fusion of Ukrainian Dance DVD

Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Company, Rusalka and Tryzub

Price: $25.00 CAD

Format: DVD
Release Date: May 2010


Razom – in Ukrainian means “together”. This Ukrainian dance production debuted in Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg in the autumn of 2009 to an audiance of over 5000. Razom was a collaborative production presented by the Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Company (Edmonton), the Rusalka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble (Winnipeg) and the Tryzub Ukrainian Dance Ensemble (Calgary).

Razom featured 90 Ukrainian dancers in an exhilarating explosion of colour, youthful exuberance and boundless energy.

The video production of Razom was filmed in Winnipeg at the Centennial Concert Hall on November 1, 2009 before a live audience. Featuring dances from three of Canada’s premier Ukrainian dance choreographers, Razom showcases the different Ukrainian dance styles that are evolving on the Canadian prairies.

1. Pryvit- A Welcome Dance – Cheremosh
2. Vesnyanka – Rusalka
3. Transcarpathian Mosaic – Tryzub
4. Kozaky – The Riding Cossacks – Cheremosh
5. Kuban – Rusalka
6. Kalynon’ka – Tryzub
7. Divchyna Uliana – Cheremosh
8. Danets (Bukovyns’kyi Dance) – Rusalka
9. Polisski Natury – Tryzub
10. Kalyna – Rusalka
11. Bukovyn’skyi Sviatkovyi – Cheremosh
12. Kozachyi Tanets – Tryzub
13. Arkan – Rusalka
14. Women’s Lyrical Dance – Cheremosh
15. Peacock – Tryzub
16. Hutsulka – Rusalka
17. Karichka – Transcarpatian Dance – Cheremosh
18. Celebration – Tryzub
19. Once Upon a Time in Old Kyiv – Cheremosh
20. Hopak Virsky – Cheremosh, Rusalka, Tryzub


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