New Beginnings CD Volume II

Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Company

Price: $15.00 CAD

Format: CD


Featuring music from Cheremosh’s 1999 30th Anniversary New Beginnings Tour

1. Overture
2. Introduction
3. Missing Husband
4. Women Harvesting
5. Return of the Happy Husband
6. “It is Great to be a Husband”
7. Sunrise Awakening
8. Husbands and Housework
9. Housework Troubles
10. “Sell the Husbands!”
11. At the Marketplace
12. Pol’ka z Vykrutasom
13. “Husbands for Sale!”
14. Carousel Celebration
15. Villagers’ Hopak
16. Finale March
17. Arkan
18. Women’s tambourine Dance


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