New Beginnings Reunion

New Beginnings ReunionJanuary 30th Cast Members and Crew of Cheremosh’s New Beginnings Tour gathered at the studio for a 10 year Reunion. Alumni members were joined by current Cheremosh Dancers and Artistic Director, Mykola Kanevets. It was an enjoyable evening! Highlighted by a reveal of New Beginnings footage recorded, at the time solely for promotional purposes. A HUGE thank you to Morgan Demers for compiling it into a 30 minute montage on DVD.

Honorable mention needs to be given to Andrea Yakimishyn, Melania Koziak, Daniel Berry and Niki Marusiak who danced in New Beginnings and are still dancing in the company today! (see sidebar photo) At least 10 other New Beginnings cast members danced in the company for over 10 years, and 3 New Beginnings cast members took on the additional role of President of the Society (Allison Scott, Mike Bortnick and Jason Golinowski). Thank you everyone for your passion and dedication to Cheremosh, it is that passion that will give us momentum for years to come!