What’s one difference you have noticed between Nessebar and Edmonton?
Stephanie: The uneven pavement and cobblestone, and tripping over it
Morgan: No mosquitoes or rain in Nessebar
Brooke: Eating out is much cheaper
Stacia: No mosquitoes
Jordan: There’s club music everywhere (at breakfast, by the pool, in the shops, in the restaurants, in the lobby, at the beach)
Marcus: Life is slow and peaceful
Lachlan: Gorgeous women around every corner
Deanna: People here are very tanned
Katryna: There are lots of little shops instead of big malls
Meriah: Cars don’t stop for pedestrians
Tim: Meals are cheap, and you get a large portion of good food
Jason: Everything is laid back and slow. Fresh vegetables are awesome.
Rebecca: The pace is slower
Daniel: The entire culture is different
Adriana: Gelato is a much more popular treat
Annette: Tomatoes and cucumbers taste amazing
Sacha: Lack of traffic rules is hard to get used to
Amanda: The humidity makes it easier to dance
Nicholas: The beaches are fantastic
Tania: The food
Zorya: Cereal is eaten with warm milk
Levi: Weather is beautiful
Markian: Tomatoes are fresh
Craig: Everything is awesome. It would be better if it were a bit cooler, maybe 25 degrees C
Andrea: The pace is slower, everyone is more easy going and there is no rush to do anything
Leah: The women are tiny and men are larger. Fresh tomatoes
Melania: How comfortable people are with their beach bodies and the amount of time they spend in the sun tanning. Also the large amount of smoking is a lot different.
Erin: Our group has become closer being here; opinions of others have changed for the better

What’s one thing you’ve enjoyed on the trip so far?
Stephanie: The bonding and unexpected friendships that happen in our group
Morgan: How the audience really appreciates our dancing and clap as soon as we come on stage
Brooke: Lying by the pool
Stacia: Bulgarian karaoke and being able to put my Ukrainian language education to use
Jordan: The beautiful sites
Marcus and Lachlan: Performing the Hopak
Katryna: Banana boating on the black sea
Meriah: The waterpark
Deanna: Bulgarian crepes
Jason: The beautiful sites
Tim: The weather and how everything is easily accessible by walking
Rebecca: The sun
Daniel: Dancing on stage
Annette and Sacha: Spending time with my Cheremosh family
Adriana: Being able to read Bulgarian
Amanda: The beach
Andrea: Spending time with people that I don’t usually
Zorya: Being able to use my Ukrainian knowledge to communicate with the locals in Bulgarian
Nicholas: Kayaking on the black sea
Levi: The beautiful sites
Craig: Everything
Tania: Watching the other groups perform, especially the little Russian children because they are so genuinely happy and dance from the heart. They are inspiring. Talking to them after the show made my trip.
Deanna: Bulgarian crepes
Erin: Experiencing and adapting to a new culture, and the weather
Leah: The beach, the friendships, and the shinanigans
Melania: Seeing a different culture