Cheremosh Remembers Alumnus Gary Kinaschuk

With great sadness we announce that Cheremosh Alumnus Gary Kinaschuk passed away on March 26, 2011.  Gary danced in Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Company during the 1980s and is fondly remembered by his contemporaries for his kind smile, love of Ukrainian Dance, and love of technology.  Gay lived for his family and loved his work as an Audio Visual Technician for the Edmonton Police Service for 25 years.  Our entire Societyextends sincere condolences to Gary’s friends and family, particularly to his wife Barbara and daughter Katie.  CheremoshAlumni remember many special shared times over the years and send heartfelt thoughts of comfort and prayers of peace.

Ukrainian Cheremosh Society extends our sincere thoughts of condolence to the family of Raymond (Ray) Ostrowercha who passed away on May 22, 2011.  Along with his wife Tillie, Mr. Ostrowercha, was a key supporter of Cheremosh, assisting with various volunteer tasks over many years during the 1970s and 1980s.  Mr. Ostrowercha served on the Ukrainian CheremoshSociety’s Board of Directors.  The Ostrowercha’s daughters – Barb and Irene – as well as Barb’s husband Brian Hlus, areCheremosh Alumni.  Barb was a key dance instructor, choreographer, director, and leader in our organization having served as an instructor of Cheremosh and Cheremshyna (previously referred to as Junior Cheremosh).  We are truly grateful for the significant contributions of the Osrowercha family to our Society and appreciate the family’s role in our Cheremoshhistory.  May Mr. Ostrowercha rest in peace.

Our Society extends its sincere condolences to the family of Lesia (Lillian) Petriw (nee Paranych); Mrs. Petriw passed away on March 29, 2011.  We are grateful to Mrs. Petriw and her husband Dmytro for providing the foundation of strong commitment by their family to Ukrainian heritage and culture.  Two sons, Boris and Roman, are Cheremosh Alumni who danced in Cheremosh when it was founded in 1969 and danced with the ensemble (company) into the mid-70s.  Cheremosh is grateful to Roman for his countless number of exceptional and signature photographs of Cheremosh, many incorporated into programs and promotional materials over decades ofCheremosh history.  Both Roman, and brother Nestor, captured many memorable dance moments on film over our 40+-year history.  With gratitude and prayers of peace for Mrs. Petriw and her family.

Sending heartfelt thoughts of comfort to the Kinaschuk, Ostrowercha, and Petriw families.  Prayers of eternal peace from our Cheremosh rodyna.  Vichnaya Pamyat.