Since it began in 1984, the Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Festival has been a highlight in the Ukrainian dance season all across Alberta and the prairies. Each year, dancers of all ages congregate at the Arden Theatre in St. Albert, Alberta – a professional and secure environment in which they perform and receive feedback from experienced dance professionals. Every year, a new adjudicator is hired to provide a new perspective and dynamic to each festival. The four days are filled with contagious excitement and, most importantly, a strong passion for Ukrainian dance.

The first Cheremosh dance competitions were only one day in length, but since then the festival has grown into a four-day event. It has continually provided young dancers with the opportunity to share their love of Ukrainian dance and further its popularity, as well as to experience (and enjoy) the thrill of performing.

At present, the Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Festival welcomes between 2500 and 3000 performers, which translates into between 500 and 600 performances over the four days of the festival. It is an event commonly highlighted on the calendars of the Ukrainian dance community – always highly anticipated and greatly enjoyed.