Festival 2010 Report

2010 Festival CoordinatorsThis year’s Cheremosh Festival was held between May 6 – 9, 2010. The 26th annual Festival was a great success with approximately 295 entries. Cheremosh Alumnus Teresa Bayrock who is an accomplished and highly trained Ukrainian dance and ballet instructor was the adjudicator – thanks, Teresa, for sharing your professional expertise and encouragement with the young dancers!

Special thanks to our Festival Coordinators – Sacha Belseck, Michelina Koper, and Brooke Miller (seen above). All current Cheremosh dancers, this energetic trio successfully led several new initiatives including a new registration package / category system, graphic design for a more professional and updated program, etc. They initiated an Instructors’ Soiree on Friday night which received rave reviews and was a highlight of the Festival – it was fabulous to see instructors from various organizations socializing and collaborating about Ukrainian dance! Special thanks to this team for their countless volunteer hours during the entire year of planning and for truly professional and innovative leadership! The Coordinators also wish to extend their thanks to all Society volunteers for their assistance with Festival activities. Congratulations to all – the 26th annual Cheremosh Festival was a resounding success!