Initial Admittance Fee (non-refundable)
One-time fee for new members only $5.00
Ukrainian Cheremosh Society Bylaws: Article 1, section 3 (a) Each new member shall pay an initial admittance fee.
Annual Membership Fee (non-refundable)
Alumni $10.00
Individual $25.00
Family $50.00
Ukrainian Cheremosh Society Bylaws: Article 1, section 3 (b) Each member of the Society shall pay an annual membership fee. Dancers must be 18 years of age or older to hold an Individual Membership.
Dancers under the age of 18 must hold a Family Membership with at least one parent or guardian. Family memberships are limited to one household.


Fees includes instruction, Society costume use & maintenance and GST
Cheremshyna  $1535.00
Chumak II $1195.00
Chumak I $ 1110.00


Beverly 3 ages 8-9   $ 500.00
Beverly 2 ages 6-7   $ 460.00
Beverly 1 ages 4-5   $ 460.00


Riverbend 5 ages 12-13  $ 500.00
Riverbend 4 ages 10-11  $ 500.00
Riverbend 3 ages 8-9     $ 500.00
Riverbend 2 ages 6-7     $460.00
Riverbend 1 ages 4-5     $460.00


St. Albert 4 ages 10-11   $500.00
St. Albert 3 ages 8-9      $500.00
St. Albert 2 ages 6-7      $460.00
St. Albert 1 ages 4-5      $460.00


Fees includes instruction, Society costume use & maintenance, GST, one group and one individual professional photograph taken at the annual School of Dance photo session.
Dancer Registration Discount fee = 5% discount on if registered and paid in full by July 1st.
Payment Methods

Payment online by Visa or Mastercard in Canadian funds for all fees on the date of registration orpayment by cash or cheque on the date of registration for the initial admittance fee, annual membership fee, and first month’s tuition fee, plus up to 9 post-dated monthly cheques, the first check dated October 1st and the last cheque dated June 1st. Cheques are payable to  “Ukrainian Cheremosh Society”.

Late Payment Fees
In the absence of receipt of full payment or post-dated cheques by September 30th, a 10% late fee will be applied on the 1st of every month until payment is received.
NSF Cheque Fees
A $50 charge will be applied for each NSF cheque.


Refunds:  To be eligible for a refund on tuition or class registration, should a dancer withdraw, tuition fee refunds will be issued for the full calendar months following the date of withdrawal.


 Probationary dancers are required to pay fees by the end of September, but if their duration with the Company is terminated by choice of the Board or Artistic Director during the probationary year, a pro-rated refund of tuition will apply.
Permanent dancers of the company who retire before December 31st of the year are not expected to pay fees for that year.