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Cheremosh Benefit & Ball “YOU Complete the Puzzle”


The Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Company is excited to host our upcoming Benefit & Ball on Friday, October 24.
A highlight of the Benefit & Ball is a silent auction entitled, “SEE IT! … HEAR IT! … FEEL IT!” Unique auction items will create an opportunity to journey to special destinations such as shopping and Broadway experiences in New York, or a private wine and weekend trip to the Dirty Laundry Vineyard in Summerland, British Columbia. Read more…

Cheremosh Performs in Fort Saskatchewan

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Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Company takes its audience on a colorful and exciting journey, thrilling them with intricate choreography, spectacular costumes and dynamic music. Men leap to amazing heights with their breathtaking acrobatics while women spin across the stage with incredible beauty and grace. Leaving behind a cultural legacy, Cheremosh is without a doubt a sight to behold.
Tickets available through Ticketpro. Read more…

Cheremosh Performs in Camrose

Tickets available at http://camroselive. Read more…