Cheremshyna and Chumak II Vancouver Tour 2012

Cheremshyna and Chumak II embarked on a short yet memorable dance tour to Vancouver at the beginning of the summer.On July 1st they participated in Vancouver’s Canada Day Parade, enjoying attention(adoration?!) from onlookers and other parade participants prior to the parade start, and then performing for over 100,000 cheering spectators along the parade route. The parade was televised and the dancers’ parade performances can be viewed on the YouTube video below at the 32 minute mark.

On July 3rd Cheremshyna and Chumak II held a joint concert with the Dovbush Ukrainian Dancers, the senior performing group from the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians (AUUC-Vancouver). The concert was held at the Scotiabank Dance Centre, a state-of-the-art facility in central Vancouver, bringing the dancers together for the first time to share the stage and to celebrate Ukrainian dance. The joint-concert attracted an appreciative audience, including BC’s Honorary Consul to Ukraine and Cheremosh alumni living on the west coast! Afterward the dancers enjoyed a pizza party graciously hosted at the AUUC Hall.

Leisure activities during the trip included the Granville Island Market, Vancouver Aquarium, La Casa Gelato (world’s largest selection of gelato flavours), and a special dinner at Milestones restaurant overlooking English Bay.

Although two additional tour performances had to be cancelled(one due to a change in stage size and one due to rain), major tour goals were still achieved such as, expanding the dancers’ travel and performance experience, building dancer relationships and camaraderie, and promoting Ukrainian dance. We can all be very proud of the dancers for their exemplary conduct as ambassadors of the Ukrainian Cheremosh Society