Cheremshya and Chumak II Travel to Penticton

PentictonThirty four Cheremshyna and Chumak II dancers traveled to Penticton in early August to perform at the Penticton Peach Festival.  After one day of travel and one rest day, the dancers prepared themselves for a hectic three days with a schedule that included five performances and an appearance in the Festival Parade.  The first performance proved to be a battle with the heat.  The soaring 40+C, resulted in some dancers being treated for heat exhaustion.  (This later made the Penticton evening news on the local t.v. station.)  First Aid ordered all dancers to a mandatory cool down in the hotel pool where we were visited by the stage manager who so kindly moved the evening performance one hour later.  Our dancers perservered that evening and the following morning delivered fabulous performances.  The weather intervened again that evening, this time in the form of rain, just a few minutes before the performance, with a huge audience in attendance.  The dancers were extremely disappointed, showing their true passion for their art!  The last full day in Penticton had the dancers walking in a somewhat drizzly parade, then pulling off another amazing final performance that afternoon.  They enjoyed a well-deserved evening of relaxation before boarding the bus home early the next morning.  The crowds were truly appreciative of the dance performances.  The dancers, no doubt, made us all proud and they truly represented the Cheremosh Society well.  Thank you dancers, Mykola, chaperones and parents for another successful tour!