Cheremosh’s World Passport

For me, Cheremosh has always been about the dancing … the feeling of looking out at the audience at the end of hopak after an exhausting and invigorating show. I feel so privileged to be able to perform on stage and carry on the legacy of the past forty years of Cheremosh dancers. Traveling overseas to dance is something that I know all of us have thought of and it has been truly amazing to experience Europe as a performer instead of as a tourist.

The first thing I remember about dancing as a child is drawing pictures of my mom in her Cheremosh costume and just hoping someday that could be me. Since then, I have always taken pleasure in watching the generation of dancers that came before me and building on my dance ability based on the example of the most senior dancers in the studio. I take pride in knowing that in traveling to Bulgaria we have added another stamp to Cheremosh’s world passport … making new memories and reminding current dancers and alumni of memories from previous endeavors: China, Scotland, Ukraine, England, etc.

Performing six times in eight days was such a treat and feeling the appreciation and joy from the audience here and online viewers at home has added even more to the excitement and meaning of each performance. It’s going to be difficult to go home and realize that we won’t get to perform almost every day!!