Cheremosh Tour Recap May 19 – 22

The last few days have been a whirlwind for Cheremosh, with some dancers totalling 15 hours of sleep in the last three nights. Today most of the Cheremosh dancers finally got to sleep in and rest, for almost the first time since the start of the trip. Here is a quick recap of the last few days, as well as links to the media attention we have received!

After two workshops at the Virsky studio and two nine-dance performances on May 18 and 19, the dancers were feeling tired but mostly thrilled by the very warm response by the audience in Kyiv, recapped by  Video 1.

Celebrations took place, followed by another early morning to see the sites of Kyiv. That evening Cheremosh travelled by overnight train to Lviv. After a slightly less the ideal sleep on the train, dancers were free to enjoy Lviv on May 21 before heading to the theatre for the Cheremosh Dance Battle (Cheremosh Lviv and Cheremosh Edmonton), as seen in  Video 2 , Video 3, and Video 4!

Without stopping for a rest after the show in Lviv, Cheremosh continued their tour onto the next city, Ivano-Frankivsk that same evening, arriving at 3 am May 22. Seven hours later, dancers found themselves warming up at the Hutsulia studio for a workshop run by the director and a dancer of the Hutsulia Song and Dance Ensemble. The workshop was fun and enlightening. The best part was seeing from backstage the Hutsulia Ensemble perform (in between Cheremosh dances) at the joint show that evening. Hutsulia is a strong, passionately Ukrainian, and invigorating group to watch and we were honored to share the stage with them.

Although the past two shows were challenging, the fantastic energetic response from the audience made it all worth it! At the end of Cheremosh’s Hopak, when the audiences give you a standing ovation while clapping and chanting “Molodtsi!, molodtsi!, molodtsi!..” you can’t help but feel extremely proud to be a Ukrainian-Canadian dancer, grateful to have been given the chance to perform for Ukraine, and just overwhelmed with the spirit, excitement and love of Ukrainian dance all around!

We’ll rest when we get home :)

– Zorya