Cheremosh School of Dance Expands Across the Edmonton Area

The Cheremosh School of Dance has announced that it will be offering its high quality Ukrainian dance instruction in the City of St. Albert, expanding its recreational program in their Southside location, and piloting a new Affiliate Dance School Program.

Following the success of their new Southside studio, the Cheremosh School of Dance will be adding a St. Albert Studio for children aged 4 to 11.  This studio will be based out of the St. Albert School of Irish Dance on Rayborn Crescent. For over 30 years, Cheremosh has had a presence in St. Albert with the Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Festival and is responding to the community’s demand for high quality Ukrainian dance instruction.

In addition to their St. Albert expansion, there will also be major changes to the Cheremosh Southside Studio. The high enrollment numbers in the current location has prompted the School of Dance to relocate this fall, and move into the Riverbend Dance Academy studios, which boasts five professional dance studios. This new arrangement has allowed the School of expand its Recreational Program to dancers aged 4 to 16 years.

“Cheremosh dance is a 5 star organization providing not only quality professional dance instruction but an inviting fun family atmosphere. Their events and performances are enjoyed by audience members of all ages. A fabulous community of people and dancers we feel fortunate to be a part of! The positive energy is palpable.” said Darrell Friesen, a parent at the Southside studio.

In addition to the new studios, in Cheremosh’s long standing tradition of supporting and developing Ukrainian dancers in Alberta’s rural areas, the Cheremosh School of Dance has created the Affiliate Dance School Program.Starting this fall, the Cheremosh School of Dance will be supporting the Westlock Vrozhay dancers by providing dance instruction to all of their classes. The Westlock dancers and board of directors are more than excited to have the support and quality of instruction that Cheremosh can provide them.

For those who want to continue with Ukrainian dance after the season ends, or may want to try Ukrainian dance for the first time, Cheremosh School of Dance Summer Dance Day Camps are a great opportunity to liven up your summer! The Cheremosh Dance Camp curriculum will be developed by Cheremosh Artistic Director, Mykola Kanavets and will be instructed by Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Company dancer and School of Dance Instructor, Emily Belke. Emily is a seasoned dance instructor and choreographer. Talented men from the Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Company will also assist with boys’ technique. Camps will run July 20th-24th (ages 6-8), August 10th-14th (ages 9-11) and August 17th-21st (ages 12+). The Cheremosh Dance Camp is a great opportunity for both male and female dancers of all skill levels to develop their dance technique and improve their confidence. Dancers also get a chance to learn about Ukrainian culture through arts and crafts.