Cheremosh Recognized in the Alberta Legislature

Brian MasonAfter getting wrapped up in the excitement of the performances at the 40th Anniversary Gala, NDP Leader Brian Mason, who represents Edmonton Highlands Norwood where the studio is located, invited Cheremosh to be his guests at the legislature on November 18th, 2010. Mr. Mason delivered a glowing members statement congratulating Cheremosh on our history and leadership in arts and culture and our contribution to Alberta and community through volunteerism and other activities.

Now Cheremosh can proudly say we have our names in Hansard! In addition to meeting Mr. Mason everyone learned a little bit of about history and parliamentary process courtesy of the NDP Director of Outreach Rob Pearson. Witnessing Question Period was also a highlight and comments from the dancers ranged from “this is awesome” and “those are really good questions” to “are they teenagers?”.