Cheremosh Launches New Website

After many months of hard work, version 4 of the Cheremosh website was released on February 13, 2013.

Much like the art that Cheremosh creates, this project was an international collaboration of talent between Canada and Ukraine. The website was designed by Derek in Winnipeg, Manitoba, programmed by Roman in Lviv, Ukraine and coordinated by Cheremosh Dancer, Stephan Bociurkiw in both Kyiv, Ukraine and Edmonton, Alberta.

Central in the design is a stylized wave representing the Cheremosh River from which Cheremosh is named after.

Visitors are invited to come back often, as the site has been developed in a way that allows for more frequent posting of news and events. As a result of Cheremosh’s blogging success in Bulgaria in 2011, a new travel blog feature has been integrated into the site which will be put to the test during Cheremosh’s upcoming tour to Ukraine in May2013. A media gallery has been added to share our countless breathtaking photographs and videos.

Cheremosh has always been at the forefront of online communication technologies since its first website was created by Peter Onyshko in 1997-98. Version 2 was created by Joanna Sexhauer in 2003-04 and version 3 was created by Michael Kennedy, in 2008.

We’d love to get your feedback on the site so please leave us a comment below.