Cheremosh Dancer Honoured with Hetman Award

Zorya (Bociurkiw) Belanger has been a member of the Plast Ukrainian Youth Scouting Organization since she was 6 years old. Born in Edmonton and an Engineer by profession, Zorya has been active in many areas of our Ukrainian community from a young age, including Plast and the Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Ensemble. Zorya, while quiet in demeanor, is an exemplary young leader who lives up to her commitments, makes things happen and takes pride in engaging others. Currently she is a very active scout master for a group of teenage girls ages 17-18, and she is both a dancer and integral organizer for Cheremosh Ukrainian Dancers. Along the way to this stage in her life, Zorya has received various accolades and awards, and completed her Engineering Degree in 2009. Zorya also attended the Ukrainian bilingual program and Kursy Ukrainian School. In her time with Plast, and in addition to her 9 years of volunteer work as a counselor, Zorya has helped organize many summer camps both for younger children and the teen Plast members. At the same time she has rehearsed and performed with Cheremosh and helped them plan their tour to Ukraine and annual Ukrainian dance competitions.