Bringing the Passion to Bulgaria

Good morning, today is Thursday, July 14, 2011 and once again the sun is baking! I woke up, threw on my good old Canadian toque and headed downstairs for a great breakfast. As I’m writing this, and sipping my coffee, I am beginning to reflect on some of the past memories and experiences so far on the tour, and wow, where do I begin?… from the hot sunny weather, to the great techno beats, and b-e-a-utiful sights throughout Bulgaria, I almost don’t want to leave! I’ve been Ukrainian dancing for 13 years now and this is my first time sharing my passion for Ukrainian dance with people overseas. I was so curious and nervous to how these new audiences would react. After completing the first performance, I knew right away there was a sense of magic and excitement in their eyes. There is nothing more exhilarating and meaningful to a Canadian Ukrainian dancer than sharing your passion with people on the other side of the world. Down on one knee, striking a pose with your arms stretched out and head tilted effortless up towards the audience shouting that last “Hey!”, beside your best friends…there is no greater feeling in the world that could compare. This trip is a journey of blood, sweat, and tears and as we track on performing the rest of our shows here in Bulgaria, these memories and friendships will last forever!
Yours truly, Tim Skwarok