Board Room Dedicated to Chester and Luba Kuc

Chester and Luba 2010

Recently the Cheremosh studio Board Room was renovated and dedicated to Cheremosh Founders, Chester and Luba Kuc. In addition, photographs of past and present Artistic Directors, Presidents, and an Honorary Members plaque were added to the room. It is a fitting tribute to Cheremosh leaders who have helped us reach a 40 year history!

Many thanks to the following individuals who assisted in making this project a reality. Board room painting – Mr. Serediak (Corinne Warwaruk’s Dad). Board room picture framing & plaques – Penny & Leah Eliuk (The Frame Tutor). Cheremosh Historian & Archivist – Gail Wacko. Board room baseboards & door handle installation – Dan Berry & Graham Currie. Board room curtain hemming & ironing – Mary Greidanus (Tammy Greidanus’ mother-in-law). Curtain rod, picture, Alumni board & shelf hanging – Chris Greidanus, Charlie Lummer (Gail Wacko’s friend), Jason Eliuk, Graham Currie & Kevin Zarsky. Donated bedding plants & gardening (in front flower beds & atrium) – Marg & Wendy Hrynew (Tammy Greidanus’ Mom & Sister). Yard care – Jason Eliuk, Darryl & Graham Currie. Studio cleaning – Debbie Zukiwsky, Gail Currie, Gail Wacko, Kevin & Mikalea Zarsky. Thank you to all of the Artistic Directors & Presidents who supplied us with a photo. Tammy Greidanus – Project Coordinator

“I think a great satisfaction comes from knowing that what I have done will be continued. The interest is still there and will continue to be there” – Chester Kuc