Bittersweet Departure

Today is the day that I board a flight, Bulgaria bound. While I can barely contain my excitement, I am also filled with a somber inspiration.  Yesterday, a celebrated Canadian composer lost his battle with pancreatic cancer.

Malcom Forsyth composed a medley for Cheremosh’s 40th Anniversary. It features music that was used in dances throughout the company’s 40-year existence with a brilliant finish of Cheremosh’s beloved “Hopak.” It was the perfect contribution to our celebration, reflecting the mosaic community that is the Art of Cheremosh.

As we embark on our European adventure, we can take a note of inspiration from Mr. Forsyth’s dedication to his audience:

“I’m never more happy than when I can be transported by a performer or performance. Everything I’ve done is with that experience in mind: Changing the space that the audience sits in for those brief few moments.” -Malcom Forsyth

I hope that we transported Mr. Forsyth on the night of our milestone celebration and that we continue to move audiences around the world. Rest in peace, Malcom Forsyth. Good luck to all of the Cheremosh dancers in Bulgaria.