A Time I’ll Never Forget

Going into this trip to Ukraine I wasn’t quite sure how things were going to pan out. I was nervous to be putting my body through that amount of intense work and also pretty apprehensive to jump into a country that is not like those of which I have vacationed before. My expectations with Cheremosh were met and passed insurmountably. From the first bus ride from the airport to the final day in Kyiv, every experience I had was magical. My favourite part of this tour would have to be seeing our artistic director, Mykola Kanevets, receive accolade after accolade from the people that know this art best. It made my heart swell to see his tireless efforts every Sunday and Wednesday pay off in a way that meant so much to him. I can speak for every dancer when I say that watching him receive that Virsky medal brought a tear to our eyes. I remember right after we were about to dance our Buko dance and we all just looked at each other and smiled and went on stage and danced like we never had before. It sounds cheesy, but I will remember that moment for my entire life. I found that with Cheremosh I have a sense of home, that no matter where we go together or what we do, we are a family and because of that, Ukraine was experienced to its fullest capacity. I hope that the passion we all came to have while dancing for amazing audiences in four beautiful cities stays with us and that we can share that passion with everyone here in Canada. I truly am blessed to be a part of this family and have had the chance to travel to such a beautiful country. Budmo Cheremosh

– Rhiannon