A Great Day in Kyiv!

Sitting in the dressing room, here at the theatre in Kyiv, down the hall from the reception hosted by the Canadian embassy, and I am overwhelmed with emotion.  Overall this trip has been emotionally charged and I believe it will continue to be as we tour Ukraine; something most of us aspired to do as young dancers. 

Today we finished our workshops with Virsky; which was a dream come true for many of us.  Tonight we had the rare opportunity to perform for Myroslav Vantuch.  Following the show, Mykola told us that he is very proud of us, that we stole the show emotionally, choreographically and with costuming, but mostly with the heart that we have for Ukrainian dance, and finally that Kyiv is ours. We all cried of course.

We cheer and applaud those who were involved in getting us here but were not able to come with us.  Cheremosh as a company has been well received and I am very happy and very proud to be a part of this wonderful group!  We keep you all in our hearts and thoughts and we wish you could be here with us.

– Shereen


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  • Julia Ge May 21, 2013

    Dear Cheremosh,
    I am Julia, a student in Mrs. Schuster’s class. My class watched your company dance on stage. It was awesome! Our class is following your tour blog while you are in Ukraine. When we go to grade three, we will study all about Ukraine in Social. Your stories and pictures will help us get ready! I hope you have a magnificent journey in Ukraine.
    Love, Julia Ge