A coordinator’s perspective

After planning this trip for five months it was satisfying to see how smoothly it all worked out. I easily took on this challenge of coordinating because I personally felt that it was time for another international pursuit for the company.  The opportunity came in the form of the European Championship of Foklore 2011.

As the festival grew nearer, and given the language and physical barriers, at times I had some concerns that everything would not fall into place. However my worries were alleviated upon our arrival as the Eurofolk Coordinators were very accommodating. They were able to get us a room in the hotel for warm up, serve us dinner after our late performances, arrange for bus pick ups at our requested times and even found us a basket to use for Kuban.

The festival to me has been very gratifying as many dancers have expressed their enjoyment of this experience. We have made several contacts and have had many audience members expressing their appreciation and amazement of what we bring to the stage.

This has been a unique experience for me as I have been both a dancer and a coordinator and have enjoyed playing both of these roles. This tour has achieved exactly what I had hoped – to increase Cheremosh’s international presence, to proudly represent Canada, and to allow our dancers to express their talent while at the same time gaining a life time of memories.


  • Evelyn Wojcichowsky July 28, 2011

    I am on the board of directors of Yevshan. I followed Cheremosh on this tour while reading the blogs of dancers.
    Yevshan is going to Ukraine next year but after reading your information on this trip it peaked my interest. For some reason dance companies do not share information on how they planned a trip, how they got there, what was required. Would you share this with our group from Saskatchewan. It would help us greatly and if possible we would like to experience what you experienced. If you cannot at least respond to me so that I know that I have to look into this further. Yevshan would pay you for your time – we just need to know how to get started. I have sent 150.00 registration to the festival for participation in next year’s event so that is one thing I know I have to do.
    My email is ekw118@mail.usask.ca my hone at work 306-966-7015 and I can phone you – I would even meet you in Edmonton. Again, Congratulations to your group – by looking at the photos you looked fabulous and congratulations to your and your artistic director for the achievements you have accomplished at this festival.

  • admin July 28, 2011

    Hi Evelyn, Thank you for your message, I have forwarded it to the tour coordinator Andrea.