Challenges and Dreams Come True

Cheremosh performs Edmonton Hopak in the beautful amphitheater in Old Town Nessebar

If I had it my way I would only ever perform in theaters like the amphitheater in Old Town Nessebar. It is the perfect setting for a European Folk Championship Festival with the beautiful stone arches and excellent acoustics. Every seat is the best seat in the house. It’s no Jubilee Auditorium with lights, massive change rooms and air conditioning, but Cheremosh has proven before that we will gladly take on any stage – or any “change room” – that we are presented with. It has always been my dream to perform in an ancient amphitheater. Just imagine all the performances that took place so many years ago.

I have to admit dancing in 30 degree and plus weather is taxing, no doubt, but the audience has made it an absolute pleasure. We are not only dancing for the locals, but for people who have come here from all different countries for vacation and to take in the folk festival. One man in particular, from Ukraine, couldn’t show his gratitude enough. He had tears in his eyes, from how grateful he was to have stumbled upon us. For me, that is the most exciting part of dancing. This man probably didn’t expect to see anything like that on his vacation to Nessebar, but we took him to a whole new place.

Tonight, and from now on, on stage I will give everything I have to change someone’s life, perspective or even mood. Thanks to the gracious audience at the Euro Folk festival, I know that I can.