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Cheremosh turns heads in New York City Subways

New Yorkers, used to have seen pretty much everything on the subway, may have still been shocked last fall when 32 of Edmonton’s Cheremosh dancers boarded the No. 1 train on Broadway – in traditional Ukrainian folk dance costume.
Heads turned and phone cameras emerged as the group navigated the turnstiles, donning brightly coloured attire with elaborate embroidery. Read more…

Cheremosh Executive Director Recognized For Excellence in Nonprofit Organization Managament

EDMONTON, AB, January 19, 2016 — Lydia Migus, Executive Director of Valour Place Society, has been recognized by Worldwide Branding for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in nonprofit organization management.
Ms. Migus has been executive director of Valour Place Society for three years. Utilizing her rich mix of business and non-profit sector applications, Ms. Migus offers unique professional skills to her current position. Read more…